Arts & Development


We envision the arts spearheading socio-economic development in Africa.


In African communities, the arts are viewed as sporadic sources of entertainment but not as a valuable contributor to the overall social-economic discourse. In light of the booming youth unemployment (soon to be crisis) state of the African countries, we are in the opinion that we need to create inclusive platforms where every talent, skill and available human resource to contribute to the development agenda.

Our Goal

We are working to build that platform. We aim to facilitate the development of an innovative and collaborative art, and arts-culture eco-system that will feed into and grow sectors of the arts, culture and society.

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This is a movement offering professional performing arts services, education, opportunities, exposure, and leadership training to talented African youth resulting to an increase in youth employment and an empowered generation of performing artists, world leaders and responsible global citizens set to positively impact and build Africa Socially and Economically.

Are you interested in building an Africa where its talented youth are afforded the platform and wholesomely capacitated to engage in development?

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