About Us

We Are

A youth led Tanzanian social enterprise focused on youth development, social innovation and entrepreneurship. We are committed to building an Africa future where African youth of every talent are empowered to fully engage in development work.

We Envision

An empowered generation of youth applying their talents to spearhead Africa’s socio-economic development.

We are on a mission

To equip youth with disruptive hacker skills to implement income generating community service and projects that create gender equality, youth employment, health and economic advancement.

Our Focus

We are committed to driving development on the African continent and the world with a specific focus on Youth, Leadership, Innovation and Social Impact Businesses.

As we operate, we work with a main goal to directly and indirectly create employment and/or income generating opportunities for youth.

We are Ambitious for Africa (Our Goals):

  • To catalyze 500,000 youth to sustainable income generating opportunities
  • To capacitate 1,000,000 African youth with 21st century relevant-skills
  • To empower 5,000 youth to take proactive charge towards becoming change agents in various spheres of influence
  • To catalyze the growth of 1,000 African social enterprises.
  • To capacitate 100,000 young women to execute on their dreams

Core Values:

Proactive: Make It Happen! No Excuses!

Ethical: Morally Sound Growth

Mind-set: Everything can be unlearned. Nothing cannot be learned!

Solution Driven: innovation is an everyday truth. Use it!

Ubuntu: I am because we are

Our Approach to Sustainable Development:

  Social Innovation

With a focus on arts and development, communications for sustainable growth, social enterprise ecosystem development and gender, we build sustainable solutions in form of products, services and/or projects


We then equip youth with the skills they need to implement the solutions

  Serve Together:

We then work hand in hand with the youth to deliver the solutions to society